A Blog Reborn

I’ve been contemplating for a couple of weeks now as to whether or not to continue this blog, shut it down, or just let it lie static.  I haven’t written in a couple of years and it is quite possible that any followers I had may have just drifted away.  I have kept a social media presence on Instagram (@thejollyhistorian) which is where I do most of my posting these days.  On the other hand, I am paying for thejollyhistorian.com and I should do something with it.

Why blog?  It isn’t necessary for my job (BTW, see the About Me page & my Disclaimer that my opinions are all my own).  I am not a business or an aspiring actor where I need to keep people interested in me to get a leg upon the competition.  I’m just an ordinary guy who occasionally gets the bug to write.  My original blog ushistoryfiles.wordpress.com was started because I wasn’t doing much thinking / writing about history and I needed an outlet.  While I enjoyed writing it, eventually I felt one-dimensional.  History is a BIG part of my life, but there is a whole lot more that I am interested in and I might want to write about.

So all this is a long winded way of saying, “here I go again”.  I’m going to restart this blog and write.  About what?  Why a whole bunch of things: History for sure.  Travel? Certainly.  I also love LEGO and have a kick butt collection, so I’ll probably post sometimes about that.  I also own a Jeep Renegade so there may be posts about the upgrades or even some off-roading trips.  Cats? Sure, I have a bunch (four).  Heck, I’ll probably post about yard work, home ownership, and who knows what else.  I’ve reformatted the blog and hey, the first post is about blogging.  It’s a start.