Rusty Update Part 2!

Rusty came home from the kitty hospital last week – he had his treatment on Monday and came home on Wednesday.  Many thanks to Dr. Howard and the staff at Virginia Veterinary Centers for taking good care of him.  We have had to take some precautions because he is still slightly radioactive but it is good to have him home.  Rusty and the house have returned to what passes for normal around here.  His thyroid needs to be checked periodically over the next year, but he already seems much better than when we took him in.

We went to see Pompeii: The Immortal City at the Virginia Science Museum today.  It was excellent and if it comes to a museum near you I highly recommend going.  You can learn more abut it here.

Not exactly the most exciting week…heck who am I kidding, having Rusty come home was exciting.