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About a year ago I finally cut the cord and got rid of our cable provider (though I am still stuck with them as our internet provider).  Mrs. Historian likes to point out that there has not been a cable provider that I have been happy with – this comes from the decade experience she has in hearing me rant against whichever cable provider I/we happen to be shackled to at the time.  Well, here is a TV provider that The Jolly Historian can wholeheartedly endorse SLING TV.

Sling is trying to fill in the ala carte market by offering different packages at different price points.  Best of all if you want to change or add features you can do it immediately and not have to wait for a technician to show up as with cable.  Nor is there an additional charge for changing / switching services say like when you move and there is a disconnect / connect fee.

Last week I discovered that Sling has a package that includes NBCSN so that I can watch the hockey playoffs that are sometime broadcast on NBC and just as you are getting into a particular series (Nashville vs. St. Louis) they switch games to NBCSN because cable companies are pure evil.  If you were not aware NBC is owned 51% by evil cable giant Comcast making them evil by default.  Switching my package was as easy as visiting the Sling website (www.sling.com), logging in, and making the switch.  No long wait times on hold, no waiting for a technician to show up at my house…minutes…YES minutes later I was watching the game thanks to my new package.

Sling was even helpful last night as I am on the road an had trouble thanks to the slow internet in the hotel.  They could just as soon tweeted back “Hotel?? You are on your own with this one!”  Instead, they went above and beyond trying to help me find a way to still watch the game even with the slow hotel broadband.  And they did!  So, if you want to cut your cord consider Sling TV they have been good for me.