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This morning began the way I would have thought Friday the 13th should have begun.  As Mrs. Historian was taking a shower I awakened to the smoke detector in the hall beeping it’s “the battery is dead, come change me beep”.  (As I later found out it had been beeping since about 5 AM making Mrs. Historian insanely jealous of my ability to sleep through anything.)  While searching for a 9-volt I managed to drop a light bulb into the washing machine reducing it to about a thousand shards of glass.  Now by into the washing machine I mean INTO the washing machine.  Yep, right into the tub/agitator thing.

The good news was that I was off today so I could run a thousand empty loads through the machine in an attempt to clear out any broken glass that I missed with the vacuum cleaner.  The reason I was off was so that I could go to the “Capital of the Confederacy Civil War Show” in Richmond.  I used to go to the Nashville show years ago when I ran the bookstore at Chickamauga, missed it, and decided to go to the Richmond one.

Truth is I don’t collect relics much, but have purchased some Chickamauga / Chattanooga related items over the years.  Today I was really going for the books.  There were several vendors there, a few that I expected but didn’t see, and I fairly well enjoyed myself.  It seemed like it was smaller than I remember the Nashville show being, but of course this is a nearly twenty year old memory.

I ended up buying a few books from The Confederate Reprint Company and I’ll blog more on them as I read them.