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Robert Carter III, a wealthy slave holder in Virginia decided to emancipate more than 500 of his slaves.  On August 1, 1791 he began writing what has become known as the “Deed of Gift” and on September 5, 1791 he filed the “deed” with the Northumberland County courthouse.

On September 5, 2015, Historic Christ Church will hold a commemoration of this event.  Included is a talk by Dr. Lauranett Lee the Curator of African American History at the Virginia Historical Society entitled “Seeking Sanctuary in Virginia’s Breadbasket:
Preserving a Carter Legacy”.

For more information on the event: http://www.christchurch1735.org/rciii_emancipation_2015.pdf

To learn more about Historic Christ Church: http://christchurch1735.org/

To learn more about Robert Carter III: http://nominihallslavelegacy.com/history-of-the-carter-family/robert-carter-iii

For more information on the Deed of Gift: http://nominihallslavelegacy.com/the-deed-of-gift