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Day 4 found us headed out to Morristown National Historical Park.  I had also been to Morristown several times as a kid so I was somewhat familiar with the history behind its importance.  What I did not remember was exactly how to get around the park nor if there was an entrance fee.  (Oh how great is was to travel with our parents when we were young and did not have to worry about such things.)  Consequently, we started our journey at the Washington Headquarters Museum & Ford Mansion which is the easiest to find following the signage around town.

In the Eastern National store we encountered a NPS ranger who was friendly enough but didn’t listen and respond to the needs of our group.  Pushing the $7 fee or $10 Senior pass to one of our party who qualified, he failed to mention that the fee was ONLY for the Washington Museum and Ford Mansion which we had not planned on seeing.  Our interest was in Jockey Hollow and Fort Nonsense which is FREE but the ranger failed to listen when my wife tried to explain this to him.  Our Senior member finally decided to purchase the pass and before we know it we were on a tour of the Ford Mansion.


The Ford Mansion which Washington used as his headquarters the winter of 1779-1780.

Needless to say 18th Century stairs and knees of those eligible for the Senior Pass don’t always mix well and I was the only one of our party to take the full tour of the house.  It was a good tour; the guide was friendly and knowledgeable and even modified his tour so that my companions could at least see the first floor before heading off to a bench to await the tour’s finish.  From there we made our way to Fort Nonsense and Jockey Hollow.


Looking down on Morristown from Fort Nonsense.

Looking down on Morristown from Fort Nonsense.

Soldier's huts at Jockey Hollow.

Soldier’s huts at Jockey Hollow.

Overall we had a pleasant visit, we just wish that the initial ranger had listened to our needs instead of pushing us into either paying a fee each or selling a Senior Pass.