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Day 1 found AJ and I at False Cape State Park which you have to reach, as the brochure says, “by hiking, biking, or boating through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge“.  We took a tram tour through the park to the Wash Woods Historical Site.

Wash Woods was a late 1800s community of around 300 or so that had close ties to the nearby community at Knotts Island.  Most of the community’s buildings have all disappeared but you can still see the steeple of the Wash Woods Methodist Church and the Cemetery Site.


While there AJ discovered some shards of glass from the windows of the church.IMG_1426

Both Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park are out of the way.  Think primitive – which was part of the appeal to AJ and I.  So if you are really looking to find some seclusion, bring your water and your backpack and perhaps even your bike and leave everything else behind.