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AJ and I went on a random drive today and discovered a great used bookstore, Oasis Books.  Located in Gloucester, VA (6670 Main Street to be exact), Oasis has a wide variety of books.  Their “local” section is great – and by “local” I mean Virginia, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Norfolk, Jamestown…  They had several books that I was aware of but had not seen before.

Oasis also has one of the best Western Americana sections and an extensive Native American section as well.  Their American Revolution and Civil War sections were the ones that I searched and came away with two (largely to a great amount of restraint as I wanted them all) selections that caught my eye.


They also have Fiction, Gardening, Religion, Biography…all selections that you would expect in a used bookstore.  AJ picked up a 1908 copy of Wild Animals I Have Known by Ernest Thompson Seton.   

Needless to say this is one used bookstore I’ll be checking out again and again.  If you live in or are visiting Virginia anywhere in the Norfolk…Yorktown…Williamsburg area consider taking a trip over to Oasis Books.  Otherwise, you can visit their website here or at http://oasisusedbooks.com/.