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Once in a while you stumble upon something and say, “dang, that is a good idea”.  Today was one of those days.  I present to you the Philadelphia Public History Truck.  No, this isn’t like the time I posted a picture of Penguin Publishing’s Book Truck to my Facebook page.  Instead, we have Erin.  Erin is a student at Temple University who wants to use the Philadelphia Public History Truck to, “make culture accessible through creative community building based in Philadelphia neighborhoods via history exhibits”.  But don’t listen to me tell you about the project, head on over to their website and learn about the Truck for yourselves.  And if you could, share this information with your friends and neighbors…especially if you live anywhere near Philadelphia, PA.

Now, I like this idea.  Why?  Well, first of all history isn’t something that happened in a book.  It isn’t stored in a museum and it isn’t something that just academics discuss in campus classrooms and AHA or OAH meetings.  History is everywhere and this project not only brings history to the people, but also does historical research among the people.  Or as their website puts it, “In other words, this project is a fusion of archival research, oral history, and material culture study.”  But again don’t listen to me talk about it, head on over to check it out for yourselves.  And share…share…share…