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It seems that you cannot swing a stick in the greater Williamsburg area without hitting something historic.  The aptly named Freedom Park in James City County was one park we visited shortly after moving here about 3 years ago.  We were new to the area and had no idea where Freedom Park derived its name.  As we explored we discovered that there was once a free black settlement on the property.


Again, since we were new to the area we had no idea how old Freedom Park was or the story behind its origins.  As I did some searching I discovered this article from 2005 about the archeological exploration of the area.


Today Freedom Park has recreated three buildings and has interpretive markers to explain the settlement.  Freedom Park is a great example of two things, that history is everywhere and sometimes it takes some searching to find it.  It is also a topic / place that I would like to explore a little better as time allows.  Look for more pictures / updates in the future.



Freedom Parks’ Website is: http://www.jamescitycountyva.gov/recreation/parks/freedom-park.html