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me2Greetings, my name is Jim Jolly and this new blog is an early graduation gift to myself.  In November I shall be graduating from American Military University with a MA in History.  In addition, I hold a BA in History and an MA in Education from Rutgers University.  At one time I was enrolled in a doctoral program at Middle Tennessee State University and taught there as an adjunct.  Currently, I am working as an interpreter for Colonial Williamsburg & teaching on-line for Southern Adventist university.  In 2009 I started USHistoryFiles and blogged there sporadically over the years (I also did a short stint as the US History Czar but that didn’t seem right either).  Despite naming it USHistoryFiles I was never really fond of the name.  Over the years people have been telling me I need to capitalize on my cool last name and thus The Jolly Historian was born.

At the time that I am writing this introductory piece I have about 8 weeks left in my last class at AMU – Colonial History.  I suspect the early posts here will be related my studies of Colonial History for class and work, the build up to graduation, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  Hopefully you will stop by every once in a while and see what’s happening.